Grumpy Old Farts

Foreva a posted Apr 18, 14

Our Guild caters to older people with limited time to play, but whom want to down content with other skilled & fun loving people.  The majority of our Members, have been together for a very long time, yet the social aspects of Raiding, are as important to us as progression.

We pride ourselves on being more than just another Guild..instead we strive to build a community, which covers all aspects of gaming, hobbies & lifestyles.

Applications are required for all members (Not just raiders) and can be found HERE!

Core Raids: Mon/Tues/Wed 8 - 11pm EST
Social Raids: TGIF - Friday 8pm EST

Thankyou for considering us.


Foreva a posted Jun 6, 16

Each Friday night at 8pm EST, Grumpy Old Farts host a fun run though Heroic HFC,
in order for new and returning members to gain both gear, experience and to socialize
with each other in a more relaxed and causal environment.

It is our hope that we can help ALL guildies obtain their Moose Mount
and also their Infernal Direwolf from the Meta Achievements in HFC.

Minimum Item Level: (Normals) 690+, (Heroics) 700+

Times: Fridays 8pm EST


Join us today by putting an application in HERE!